Bayan College
 Regulations on Examinations

1.    Students must sign in for examination and have a college photo ID available provided if they are in good financial standing with the College. Students whose names do not appear on the examination roster MUST present a “clearance receipt” to the invigilator on duty; otherwise they will not be admitted into the examination room.

2.    Students are responsible for checking that they are in the correct examination room.

3.    Students are required to bring their own pens, pencils, and erasers. Sharing is not permitted.

4.    Students must place all personal belongings in demarcated areas during exams. GSMs are not allowed in the exam hall.

5.    Students will be admitted to an examination room not earlier than 15 minutes before the examination is due to commence.

6.    Students are expected to respect invigilators on duty and comply with all instructions announced by invigilators. Students are required to turn off their mobile phones.

7.    Late comers will only be admitted into the examination room if they show up during the first thirty minutes.

8.    Late comers are not granted extra time. All students must leave the examination room on the specified time.

9.    Students MUST answer their exam questions on paper provided by the instructor or invigilator.

10.Students are expected to remain in the room during the exam and not leave except for absolute emergencies (i.e. bathroom or illness).

11. Students may be allowed an examination deferral on the grounds of justified hardship (i.e. accident or sickness), supported by documents.

12. If cheating is found the matter will be documented (written) by the invigilator on duty and must be forwarded immediately to the Dean for action. Ultimately, the student will receive an “F” grade for the exam where cheating is found to have occurred.

13.Students must take all exams as scheduled. An unexcused absence constitutes a failure in the course and grade “F” is awarded and noted in the student’s transcript.

14. A final mark for all courses is out 100.

15. The final mark comprises of final exam mark and semester works.

16. The final exam is held at the end of each semester. It is a comprehensive exam and  is given 50 Marks

17. Semester works includes 25-30 mark to a scheduled Mid-Term exam, in addition to quizzes, assignments, presentation , class participation (all or any of these as the department’s council decides) and are given 20-25 marks. All corrected papers/assignments/ quizzes/ presentation should be returned to students for feedback. The final custody of these papers should with the instructor.

18. Final mark cannot be changed, unless justified by the course instructor to a grievance committee and within one week after the results have been released.  The changes should be approved by the College Council and communicated to the Registration Department by the Dean in not more than two weeks from the end of semester.

19. A student cannot pass a course without attending the final exam”.

20. The Incomplete (I) is only temporary for justified reasons like sickness supported by written proof or evidence. The student should sit for the make-up exam otherwise he/ she will be given zero.

21. Students should repeat and pass the courses that he failed, or he should study equivalent courses as regulations permit. Students are only allowed to repeat courses with less than C.

22.  Make up exams are held for the following reasons only:

a.    Students who missed a final exam for a legitimate excuse

b.   Upon presentation of a permission from the COLLEGE COUNCIL and INFORMED TO EXAM COMMITTEE HEAD & REGISTRATION

c.     A grade of incomplete “I” will be posted on his/her record until the result of that exam has been released

d.    If a student sits for an exam, his mark should be sent to Admission and Registration department.