Bayan College
  Regulations on Students Attendance


Students Attendance Regulations

Attendance for all classes is compulsory.  Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are enrolled from the first day of the semester.  Students are also expected to be punctual. Although lateness might sometimes be unavoidable, persistent lateness is not only disruptive to other students but is also harmful to student comprehension.  A student who is 15 minutes late for his/her class will be recorded as absent and the teacher has the right to deny him access to the class. 


Bayan College policy on students' attendance states that:

1. If a student misses classes he/she is warned as follows:

a.The first warning will be issued to the student if he/she misses 10% of the teaching hours.

b. The second warning is issued if the student misses 20% of classes. 

2. If a student misses 20% of the teaching hours, he/she will be excluded from sitting the final exam.

 3. A student who is absent from a pre-announced examination (quiz, mid-term -final) will receive a failing grade unless a legitimate excuse is presented and approved by the Grievance Committee.

 4. A student who misses a final exam for a legitimate excuse and approved by the Grievance Committee will be allowed to sit for a make-up exam while a grade of incomplete “I” will be posted on his/her record until the result of that exam is announced. He /she must sit for a make-up exam, as scheduled by the college. If a student fails to appear for the make- up exam within this period he will be given zero.

5. Legitimate excuses do not cancel absences and are considered only when students apply for course withdrawal.

6. We, at Bayan College, define a legitimate excuse as follows:

a. Illness of the student or serious illness of a member of the student’s immediate family.

b. The death of a member of the student’s immediate family.

All legitimate excuses must be supported by written proof or evidence such as an official and original sick leave or certified death certificate of an immediate family member.


Teaching Hours

Classes are conducted Sunday through Thursday from 8AM to 9 PM.