Bayan College
 Admission to Bayan College

Admission Requirements 

Admission Requirements

1. Students seeking admission to Bayan College must have successfully completed the General Education Diploma (Literary or Scientific Streams), or its equivalent.

2. Required Documents

          Admission requirements are as follows:

a.  A completed "College Application Form" obtained from Admission and Registration Department;

b. A certified copy of the General Education Diploma;

c. A copy of ID or passport;

d. 4 passport-size photos;

e. A completed "Sponsorship Card" to be obtained from the Admissions Office;

f. Sponsorship letter from sponsors;

g. R.O. 50 non-refundable application fee;

h. R.O. 25 non-refundable placement test fee (applies to students required to take the placement test);

i. R.O. 25 non-refundable credit-transfer fees for transferred students.

3. Placement Test

All students must sit for the placement test (English, IT, Math) conducted by the College. The results of this test will determine the student level in the General Foundation Program. In case a student successfully passes this test he/she directly joins the academic program.

4. Admission to academic programs

To be admitted to academic programs, a student is required to meet one of the following criteria:

a.  Pass the placement test administered by Bayan College

b.  Successful completion of Bayan College 3- level Foundation Program.

c.   TOEFL Test score of 500 or its equivalent in other recognized tests such as IELTS /5

d.  IC3 or ICDL will exempt students from   computer course at the Foundation Program.