Bayan College
System of Instruction

Bayan College follows the credit hour system. This system requires that a total of 126 credit hours have to be earned by students to complete the program of their choice. The required number of credit hours is distributed over a certain number of semesters.

Credit hour (
This refers to one lecture hour per week lasting for sixteen weeks.

Medium of Instruction
Instruction for all educational work (lectures, class discussion, assignments, projects…) is in English only.

Pre-requisite course
This refers to the course that must be passed by the student before being allowed to register in another course

This refers to lectures or other forms of teaching with a fixed number of contact hours per week throughout the semester. Each course is given a title, a number, and a number of contact hours.

This outlines the goals and objectives of a course, prerequisites, the grading/evaluation scheme, materials to be used and topics to be covered.

This is a teaching period lasting for sixteen weeks including the examination week.

Academic year
This is the period devoted to teaching which is determined according to the academic calendar. It consists of the Fall and Spring semesters. It also includes a semester term which is shorter than the Fall and Spring semesters.

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